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    We are a company focused on developing projects related with alternative currencies and payment methods, mainly Bitcoin. Currently, we as well associate key components needed for future business development, helping talented entrepreneurs to develop and thrive.

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Our business model

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Joy Share

Investing in Bitcoin Environment

- legal guidance
- mentoring during business development
- web & project design
- help with funding

Web design

As we associate young and talented graphic designers, we can help with preparing modern and ready-made designs for the business.


Bitcoin and Altcoin mining rig hosting service

Most data centers refuse to accept this type of equipment, as it is not created for the popular and standard rack cases, which holds the hardware. As we are miners also, half a year ago we decided to set up a facility, where we can put our mining rigs. As we know how hard is to keep similar rigs in house, we can host your’s also and take care of it on your behalf.

We have agreements which have to be revised and signed by client before hosting of his mining rig or ASIC. All in order to prove our good intentions and gain your trust.

We charge 14% fee out of monthly profit (after all costs which occur, i.e. electricity – listed in agreement)


When we host your hardware, you can always have it shipped to you. If you buy ASIC from us, you will always have free worldwide delivery included in price. Just tell us 2 weeks before (written in agreement)

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